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Doggette Law Firm provides quality legal representation in Washington, DC, and Florida, on all aspects of divorce, family law, child custody, visitation, paternity actions, domestic violence, and more. Attorney Doggette offers flexible options from an a la carte menu of creative, unbundled (limited in scope) legal services, all of the way to full representation on your case, based upon your financial situation and needs.

Unbundled legal services include individual items such as case evaluation, coaching and advice, single court appearances, document drafting and review, negotiating agreements, service of process on the other party, and more.

You will know how much your legal services cost before we begin. Payment plans are available to fit your circumstances. The Doggette Law Firm uses virtual office space and technology to keep client costs down without compromising quality representation.

Divorce and other family law matters can be the most challenging types of cases because of the complex emotions involved and the extremely serious consequences to your children, your finances, and your future. A good family law attorney will have both the technical skill and experience to represent you while exhibiting the compassion and understanding to make the process as painless as possible. Whether full service or unbundled service, the Doggette Law Firm aggressively pursues your interests in a respectful and professional manner.


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