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Jackson M. Doggette Jr. has owned Doggette Law Firm since 1993 and has been helping clients achieve their goals in a cost-effective and professional manner. The primary gift Attorney Doggette employs to help his clients is strategic thinking. Attorney Doggette can provide a viable solution to any problem, as he is proficient in absorbing extensive new information, connecting the dots, and persuasively communicating ideas in multicultural settings. He zealously advocates for his clients to get the best results possible.

As an ordained minister, Attorney Doggette is compassionate and understanding. Sometimes clients are embarrassed by the circumstances that require the need for an attorney. As an active pastor since 1979, Attorney Doggette has just about seen it all. Having gone through a divorce himself, he knows what you are going through. Having a child who has served time in federal prison, he has experienced the pain and frustration of dealing with the criminal justice system. His experience as a Teen Court Judge in the diversion program at the Orlando Juvenile Justice Center has given him an inside look at how things really work. These experiences, along with his training and legal qualifications, make Attorney Doggette uniquely positioned to help you.

Attorney Doggette's academic preparation includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology, Master of Arts degree in Religion, with a concentration in Theology, Ethics, and Philosophy, and a Juris Doctor degree. He will soon complete a LL.M. (Master of Laws) degree in Employment Law. Other certifications include Certified Life Coach and former certifications as a Family and County Mediator from the Supreme Court of Florida. While in law school, Attorney Doggette earned the American Jurisprudence Award for Advocacy as the best advocate in his class, was nominated for the Cooley Alumni Association Distinguished Student Award, and served clients in the Sixty Plus Legal Clinic.

Jackson M. Doggette Jr.

Attorney Doggette is a member of the District of Columbia Bar and its Family Law Section and Labor and Employment Law Section. He is also member of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia Bar. Additionally, he is a member of the Pennsylvania Bar, The Florida Bar, and the United States Supreme Court Bar.

In his free time, Attorney Doggette plays the saxophone and bass guitar, as well as sings. He also rides his bicycle and motorcycle, flies planes as a private pilot, reads extensively, gives motivational speeches, and mediates.

Attorney Doggette is happily married with three wonderful adult children. His mission in life is to help everyone achieve their full potential as he lives and teaches others to live at the highest level, the level of love.


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