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Divorce and Family Law

Divorce law is often the most complex and emotional practice in the legal profession. When a relationship closes and the parties seek a legal resolution to their conflict, we call upon our unique experiences in divorce and child custody to help both sides come to a fair agreement. Divorce law calls for experienced, compassionate advocacy in the most difficult of times.


Negotiate from Strength

We will employ all methods at our disposal throughout the entire legal process. We will try to get both parties to the table and work out an agreement. Attorney Doggette will sit with you to understand what you want from any agreement. As our client, you'll enter the dealing from a position of confidence and strength. We'll gather the facts and any supporting evidence we need to support your position so that we negotiate from strength.

Go to Trial If Necessary

If we can't come to an agreement between the parties, we are prepared for trial. We have the experience and skill to argue your side effectively in court. We will present the best case to show that the best-suited parent deserves custody. If you desire a co-parenting situation, we'll work to achieve just visitation rights for the parent without custody. If there are questions about assets and liquidity, we will employ financial experts to comb over the important details.

Paternity Actions

It may be necessary to establish paternity to determine the child's medical history, which is vitally important. The court can compel DNA testing and support the determination with expert witnesses.


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